BUILD 2016
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Description Mockup Files JIRA
Booth r1v1 Mockup   DESIGN-777
Booth r2v1 Mockup   DESIGN-777
Logo Panel for booth - .ai | .pdf DESIGN-777
Description Mockup Files JIRA
#dotNETonRHEL shirt r1v1 Mockup .ai | .pdf DESIGN-799
Employee shirt r1v1 Mockup   DESIGN-800
Employee shirt r1v2 Mockup   DESIGN-800
Employee shirt r1v3 Mockup   DESIGN-800
Employee shirt r1v4 Mockup   DESIGN-800
Employee shirt r2v1 Mockup   DESIGN-800
Employee shirt r3v1 Mockup .ai | .pdf DESIGN-800
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Selfie Postcard - .pdf DESIGN-798
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Party Bumper .png - DESIGN-813
Booth Vinyl Clings
Description Mockup Files JIRA
All PDF Clings Compressed .pdf - DESIGN-796
90% of Fortune 500 quote .pdf - DESIGN-796
ASP .NET .pdf - DESIGN-796
Azure Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
Code .pdf - DESIGN-796
#dotNETonRHEL .pdf - DESIGN-796
Cloud Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Container Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Container App Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Database Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Laptop Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Scale Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Server Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
Service Icon .pdf - DESIGN-796
.NET .pdf - DESIGN-796
.NET Core .pdf - DESIGN-796
.NET Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
Openshift Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
Red Hat and .NET .pdf - DESIGN-796
RHD Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
RHEL Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
RHEL .pdf - DESIGN-796
Red Hat Logo .pdf - DESIGN-796
Microsite Banners
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Banner Mobile 480x500 png - DEVELOPER-2603
Banner Tablet 600x446 png - DEVELOPER-2603
Banner Desktop 1811x260 png - DEVELOPER-2603
Banner Desktop 2000x400 png - DEVELOPER-2603