Devoxx Antwerp 2014 Support Graphics
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Description Mockup Files JIRA
Booth - FINAL Mockup .zip DESIGN-610
Panel A   .ai DESIGN-610
Panel B   .ai DESIGN-610
Panel C   .ai DESIGN-610
Panel D   .ai DESIGN-610
Panel E   .ai DESIGN-610
Reception Desk - Final Mockup .ai DESIGN-610
Demo Tower - Final Mockup .ai DESIGN-610
Booth r1v1 Mockup -- DESIGN-610
Booth r1v2 Mockup -- DESIGN-610
Booth r1v3 Mockup -- DESIGN-610
Booth r2v1 Mockup -- DESIGN-610
Booth r2v1 Alternative Mockup -- DESIGN-610
Booth Presentation
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Deck for Booth - latest   .pptx DESIGN-614
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Shirt (2 color front, 1 color sleeve) front | mock -- DESIGN-621
Shirt - v2 front | mock .ai | .pdf DESIGN-621
Printed Material
Description Mockup Files JIRA
A6 Postcard (Bag Stuffer) .pdf -- DESIGN-614
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Homepage - Desktop .png -- DESIGN-609
Homepage - Mobile .png -- DESIGN-609
Homepage - Desktop - Wrapup .png -- DESIGN-609
Homepage - Mobile - Wrapup .png -- DESIGN-609
Description Mockup Files JIRA
Sticker - 2x4 Grey   .pdf DESIGN-613
Sticker - 2x4 Two Tone   .pdf DESIGN-613
Sticker - 2x4 Diecut Grey   .pdf DESIGN-613
Sticker - 2x4 Diecut White   .pdf DESIGN-613
Sticker - 2x4 Grunge Background   .pdf DESIGN-613
Sticker - 2x4 What's your "X"?   .pdf DESIGN-613