REST-* is an organization dedicated to bringing the architecture of the Web to common patterns in middleware technology.

While REST has gained huge momentum in the SOA community, there hasn't been a lot of standardization of traditional middleware services. The REST-* community aims to introduce new REST-based standards for these traditional services where none exist and provide well-defined guidelines where protocols do exist. Please join us in defining this exciting new area!

Rest-* News

REST-* Launched
July 14, 2009 2:52 PM
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New Specifications released
Jul 14, 2009 2:54 PM
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Learn more about the REST-* community, what makes us different and our goals.


The specification work at REST-* aims to create RESTful interfaces for common and traditional middleware services like transactions, messaging, workflow, security, and management. They may borrow from other standardization efforts or may produce their own unique way of doing things...


The REST-* community strives to be open and flexible while at the same time provide a consistent vision and architecture for the specifications we publish. We believe in benevolent dictatorships with the checks and balances of member voting. While not everybody can get a vote, we do believe that anybody should be able to interact and discuss our specifications as they evolve...