JBoss Rules (Drools)
Updated: October 11, 2007
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Rework of the logo to create "grunge" effects like the new jboss.org design. The logo is then placed on a new header background for the jboss rules app.
Enhancement description Gif/png vector files JIRA #
Drools logo .gif | .png .ai -
Drools logo reversed (blue bkgd) .gif | .png .ai -
JBoss Drools logo .gif | .png .ai -
JBoss Drools logo reversed (blue bkgd) .gif | .png .ai -
Drools logo 2color PMS - light bkg -- .ai -
Drools logo 2color PMS - dark bkg -- .ai -
Enhancement description Design HTML JIRA #
Logo/Header redesign version 1 Mockup HTML JBLAB-851
Logo/Header redesign version 2 Mockup HTML (code) JBLAB-851
Logo/Header redesign version 3 Mockup HTML (code) JBLAB-851