JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform.

Today's top enterprises look to achieve a competitive advantage by deploying enterprise portals within their IT infrastructure. JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform provides an integrated open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's web interface, aggregating, publishing, and managing its content, and personalizing its experience.

JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Subscription

The JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Subscription includes JBoss Portal and JBoss Enterprise Applicatin Platform. Building upon the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Subscription, the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform enables custom, personalized under interaction with your businesses applications and SOA deployments.

Product Update and Support Policy

The JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform is updated based on the defined Product Update and Support Policy and each integrated component is supported for development and production use according to your subscription agreement.

JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Component Details

As part of the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform release process, a number of JBoss.org components may be added or removed for dependency or compatibility purposes, while other components may be included as Technology Previews. The Portal Platform adds JBoss Portal 2.6 to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Please read the Application Platform Component Details page for a listing of all components in each Application Plaform release.


  • Improved user productivity

    JBoss Portal Platform provides a framework for centralized and secure access to applications and information, which fosters collaboration, streamlines business processes, and reduces costs.

  • Interoperability and open standards

    Since JBoss Portal Platform is based on open standards, it can incorporate components into the portal as standardized and reusable portlets. So it meets the needs of business to employee, business to customer, or business to business portals.

  • Reliability and scalability

    JBoss Portal Platform is based on the market-leading JBoss Application Server, so access to dynamic information is simple. Performance and scalability are assured.

  • Improved ROI

    By providing an integrated user interface across applications, JBoss Portal Platform makes it easier for users to leverage existing IT applications, increasing return on investment of IT assets and reducing the need for new application and integration development.